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Welcome to Express Records

Our Commitment to HIPAA Compliance

Our staff has been specially trained to address HIPAA requirements in order to provide efficient service to our clients. We will obtain your records following state and federal guidelines.

We understand how HIPAA impacts the process of procuring medical records in connection with (1) court orders, (2) state or federal subpoenas, (3) authorizations, (4) qualified protective orders and (5) workers' compensation matters.

Release of Records with HIPAA-Compliant Authorizations

Record custodians must comply with requests accompanied with HIPAA-compliant authorizations in accordance with 45 CFR§164.508. Our HIPAA-certified staff will ensure that your authorization contains all the elements required by 45 CFR § 164.508.

Release of Records with HIPAA-Compliant Subpoenas

In response to a subpoena, the record provider must disclose the information requested by the subpoena if record provider receives a written statement and documentation showing:

1. That a good faith attempt has been made to provide notice to the individual covered by the subpoena

2. Notice including information about the litigation; and

3. Time for objection has elapsed and (a) no objection was filed or (b) any objection was resolved in favor of the requested disclosure. 45 CFR § 164.512(e)(1)(ii)(A).

Custodian's Special Forms and Procedures

Certain providers require special procedures; and we will manage this process as part of our service.

Helpful Links and Resources